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The big box office takeaway this morning: “Spider Man” crosses $1 billion worldwide on the strength of international box office being just a little ahead of American.

In this country, “No Way Home” is about a day and a half away from hitting $500 million. It now stands at $467 million through Sunday. (MONDAY UPDATE Total is $470 million, did better than thought over weekend.)

With this money, Sony will now launch an Oscar campaign that it is a total waste of time. Why not just donate the money to Greenpeace or rebuild the town in Kentucky that was wiped out by tornados? Or buy ads on this site!

“Sing 2” from Universal has $39 million in the bank after five days. It’s a real hit. You can’t see it at home, only in theaters. And it works! Clever commercials really helped, I love those commercials.

“Licorice Pizza” — no one who sees it  knows why that’s the title. At dinner last night a friend who really enjoyed the movie came up with her own explanation. She was wrong, but she was trying to understand. Why didn’t PTA make some reference to the defunct record store chain in the movie even in passing? Nothing. But box office is good for this kind of movie, they picked up $2.3 million in wide release. If MGM gets to $20 million total they’ll be relieved.

Both “The King’s Man” and “Nightmare Alley” are dead, both at Disney left over from 20th Century Fox.

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