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It’s a holly jolly Christmas for Peter Parker, even if no one remembers him and his aunt is dead. “Spider Man: No Way It Won’t Happen” is crossing the $400 million mark even as you read this. That’s all in eight days. Cumulatively around the world Spidey has $800 mil in the bank and will reach $1 billion by the weekend.

So it’s hilarious that the principals have told the trades they’re planning an Oscar campaign for Best Picture. Apparently they’ve made so much money that they just want to spend it. Please, Sony, we’ll take those FYC ads. Maybe Andrew Garfield can score Best Supporting Actor for “No Way Home” and Best Lead Actor for “Tick Tick Boom.” Anyway, it’s not going to happen. But how many Maserati’s can you drive at once? Better to spend the money on a campaign.

Meanwhile, “Matrix Resurrections” has already made $10.5 million despite being available on HBO Max. That’s half of what “West Side Story” has taken in.

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