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There was a lot of excitement last night at the Winter Garden Theater on Broadway. Sutton Foster didn’t appear in the fourth preview– does she have COVID? so far no word — so her understudy Kathy Voytko went on without notice and from all reports was terrific. At the end of the show — see below– Hugh Jackman introduced her to the audience as well as all the other understudies and swings who are being pressed into service during this difficult time. Well, done, Hugh! (PS They must be keeping him in a Zip Loc bag between shows.)

Meanwhile, long running musical “Waitress” closed because they can’t sustain during this COVID crisis. Also closed is “Thoughts of a Colored Man,” because of COVID. About a dozen shows are paused right now or trying to soldier through this mess.

So glad this video was captured and put on Twitter. Gives a little hope for brighter days ahead.

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