Home business Box Office: “West Side Story” Crosses $20 Mil, “Spider Man” Booms Away,...

Wednesday’s box office brought a sigh of relief for “West Side Story.” Steven Spielberg’s Oscar certain classic finally crossed $20 million. This should have been $100 mil after 13 days. Go figure. But the gorgeous film is hanging in there, and taking it slow. If you’re brave enough to go see “Spider Man,” then you can go see the best movie of the year.

“Spider Man” is chugging along, of course, hitting $356 million. The webslinger will arrive at $400 million on Christmas morning.

Elsewhere: “Nightmare Alley” has turned to dust. Just $273,000 last night, and those were mercy viewings. Searchlight has struck out four times this fall, with “French Dispatch,” “Antlers,” and “Tammy Faye.” No box office for any of them and just Jessica Chastain as a possible Best Actress nominee.

Both “Matrix Resurrections” and “The King’s Man” had decent previews last night with $8 mil and $2 mil respectively. “MR” is also on HBO Max, so we’ll see how that impacts theaters.

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