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Wasn’t it only a month ago that the Oprah/Adele special, “One Night Only,” was the hot ratings story? It scored 11 million viewers and was the talk of the town.

So CBS thought they’d trot it out again last night. Unfortunately, the novelty has worn off “One Night Only,” which was goor for exactly that length of time.

Adele drew just 2.1 million viewers last night in her rerun. Even Adele herself was probably watching “The Bachelorette” season finale which ended with a happy couple for a change. The ABC block averaged around 3.3 million. Adele also skewed very old compared to the high number of women 18-49 who watched “The Bachelorette.”

Even with all that female excitement, “FBI” on CBS and football elsewhere scored much higher numbers than either of those other shows. Football rules this season despite Colin Kaepernick having been left out on a ledge by himself. And “FBI” was a rerun! Only half the viewers who watched FBI stuck around for Adele.


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