Home business “Spider Man: No Way Home” Will Clear $300 Mil in the US...

Just in case you were worried about Sony, Columbia Pictures or Marvel:

“Spider Man: No Way Home” made a whopping $37 million on Monday, just a 42% fall off from Sunday.

The triple action adventure will cross the $300 million this afternoon and blaze a trail toward $400 million this week and more records to be broken. This is despite a raging pandemic and Omicron. Sony has also picked up $212 million with “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” and over $100 million with “Ghostbusters.”

In an effort to have one film with no special effects, Sony is secretly releasing “A Journal for Jordan” this week directed by Denzel Washington and starring Michael B. Jordan. They’ve had almost no screenings. It’s unclear if this film will have a post-credits scene or action figures in the stores.

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