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COVID attacked the cast of “Saturday Night Live” and the result was a show with mixed results. The best you can say is, they soldiered on in the face of adversity.

It seems like the only cast members who didn’t get COVID or didn’t mind coming in tonight were Kenan Thompson and Michael Che. Otherwise, everyone else was AWOL.

But the show was live, with taped pieces, no musical guest, and no audience. Tina Fey and Tom Hanks pitched in and came, Steve Martin sent in a taped piece. Paul Rudd, scheduled to be the host, did his job. We can kind of assume that the people who did show up either had COVID or were satisfied that their shots were working. Hanks, of course, obviously had COVID last year.

The bulk of the show consisted of old Christmas clips. There was one new video taped earlier in the week, a musical piece that didn’t quite work. But everyone gave it the old college try.

Colin Jost obviously was one of the four cast members who tested positive. And everyone else? This just shows that the current COVID Omicron wave is very serious. Please everyone get your vaccines and boosters.

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