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And just like that…HBO aired back to back the first two episodes of the new “Sex and the City” series on regular HBO Sunday night.


“And Just Like That” was supposed to be only on HBO Max, wasn’t it? It debuted only 10 days ago, on December 9th. It was supposed to be a lure for HBO Max subscribers.

But there it was, twice tonight, for 90 minutes, episodes 1 and 2, first at 8:30pm and then 11:30pm. Did HBO run out of content? And will these episodes turn up in the ratings on Tuesday for cable shows Sunday night? Because otherwise, “And Just Like That” was not going to be measured in the usual way.

Maybe it’s some kind of tease to bring people over to HBO Max. But all that publicity seems wasted.

And how is it? I found all the stuff with Sara Ramirez’s podcast, and then Carrie’s discussion with Big to be actually pretty vulgar and unnecessary. And then Big’s death, well, in light of what’s happened this week, what can we say?

If “And Just Like That” is going to run for free 10 days after its HBO Max premiere, then what’s the point? I don’t know.

Meantime, where is the music? And why are there no opening titles?

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