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“Saturday Night Live” is going viral tonight. as in the Coronavirus.

Reports are that at least four members of the cast have tested positive for the ‘Cron. And three others are not keen about coming in since they’ve possibly been exposed.

Taking precautions, NBC has nixed tonight’s live audience for guest host Paul Rudd, who is impervious to aging andi illness anyway. Musical star is Charli XCX. Or CVS. Not sure.

Luckily the cast is so big right now, few will notice the absences unless they are pointed out.

But Omicron is causing a problem, that’s for sure, in entertainment in New York. Several Broadway shows are paused. The Rockettes are kicking back and not doing any more shows at Radio City this Christmas.

And the city, except for Times Square and Rock Center near the freakin’ tree, is empty. I drove around today unimpeded by traffic or stop lights. There are few pedestrians. Whole avenues are deserted. This is not the typical Saturday before Christmas.

Still, it’s impossible to park. Most avenues have been marked for Commercial Vehicles only when they shouldn’t be, on a Saturday. Traffic is backed up on Lexington Avenue because two lanes are marked for buses that aren’t there. If new mayor Eric Adams wants to be popular in Manhattan then give us our driving back. You used to be able to park on avenues in front of stores. But now there are blockades everywhere. The stores have closed. I wonder why?

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