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And just like that, the theme music from “Sex and the City” is gone.

Has anyone noticed?

In the HBO Max reboot, there is no opening sequence of Carrie getting splashed by a bus passing by with her face on the side.

And there’s no jaunty theme music written Douglas Cuomo.

I wondered if maybe the license expired and HBO didn’t want to pay for it anymore. But Cuomo– who’s writing operas and pieces for the London Philharmonic now — says that’s not it.

“HBO owns the music, they can do anything they want with it,” he told me. “Maybe it’s because the women are older and they’re not in that place anymore dramatically. But I don’t know.”

The “SATC” theme is heard just at the very beginning of Episode 1, for a second, and slowly fading out. Instead, there is no theme. It’s all existing music, disco, or some pedestrian stuff

But maybe that’s what’s wrong with “And Just Like That.” With one character MIA, another dead, and one more exiting after episode 3, the show has a somber tone to it. It’s not fun anymore. Cuomo’s theme set a great tone. And it’s glaringly missing.


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