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YOWZA “Spider Man: No Way Home” 3rd Highest Thursday Previews Ever with $50 Million, AMC Stock Up 20%



It’s Omicron vs. Spider Man.

As the the latest wave of the pandemic seems ready to come in like a Tsunami, the virus may be met with a larger force: “Spider Man” fans.

This morning around 11am we should know if “No Way Home,” the mega-Spidey movie with triple the fun set records last night in previews. It seems likely. Social media is having a volcanic like eruption from people who went last night and loved, loved, loved it. Shows were sold out across the country.


The biggest Thursday previews in the past were in order: “Avengers Endgame” $60 mil, “The Force Awakens” $57 mil, “The Last Jedi,” $45 mil, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt.2” $43 mil, and “The Rise of Skywalker,” $40 mil. So we’ll be looking at those numbers this morning.

Tonight’s shows are almost all sold out. There are single seats here and there, but “No Way Home” is going to break Friday records as well, and weekend ones, too.

Come back around 11:30am.


DEVELOPING AMC Theaters Stock Soaring on Anticipated News of “Spider Man” Record Breaking News

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