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Adele’s run at number 1 with her “30” album is over, at least for today.

Kelly Clarkson’s “When Christmas Comes Around” has overtaken it on iTunes and is number 1. “30” falls to number 2.

Clarkson’s album was pushed by her TV special last night which looked pretty good. It was an encore– repeat- and the numbers aren’t in yet, but it obviously had some effect on album sales.

Adele is also completely out at number 1 on the singles chart. “Easy On Me” has fallen to number 5 after two months. Adele has no follow up single so far from “30” to replace it. “Oh My God” is at 84, and isn’t coming back. Strangely, her “Water Under the Bridge” from 2015 is at number 54. I don’t know why.

Adele’s “30” album will have a little extra sales over the next two weeks but unless a second single can be cultivated, I think the novelty is over. Now she goes to Vegas, where ticket prices are between $1,000 and $30,000 depending on how crazy you are. That’s where she’ll make her money, playing to people who don’t have it.

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