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“Succession” finished its third season with a series high thanks to viewing from HBO Max.

On HBO, “Succession” had 634,000 viewers at 9pm on Sunday, which was average for them this season.

But HBO says that another 1.1 million people tuned in thanks to streaming and delayed viewing. They say the total with everything combined was 1.7 million people.

The company says: Total viewing increased 47% versus the season two finale, 21% from the season three premiere and 8% from last week’s episode. Season 3 episodes are averaging 6.1 million viewers to-date, up 56% from season 2 after a similar period of time, with the Season 3 premiere episode now approaching 7 million viewers.

On balance it’s all good. “Succession” will yield a dozen or more Emmy nominations and win most of them. It will win Best Drama, Actor, Actress for Sarah Snook, supporting probably for actor (Matthew MacFadyen), directing and writing. Mazel tov.

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