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There will be no red carpet for the Golden Globes this year. But they are announcing nominations this morning at 9AM. Mired in scandals over diversity and finances, the Hollywood Foreign Press persists today in bestowing nominations for awards no one wants.

NBC has suspended their telecast to punish them, and the date — January 9th — has been lost to the Critics Choice Awards on TBS and the CW Networks. So to be sore losers, the HFPA is trying to bigfoot the CCA — which will announce its nominees at 12 Noon today. It’s a remarkable act of spite on behalf of the Globes.

According to Elaine Low, reporter for Business Insider, at a recent meeting of the HFPA, one member stood up and said, “Let’s not be overly woke. Kamala Harris isn’t even Black.” I would link to this but it’s behind a paywall. Here is Low’s Tweet:

Here are the nominees:

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