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So Logan Roy is the worst person in the world, and certainly the worst father. But even worse, his ex Wife is the worst mother. Tonight they destroyed their children on “Succession.”

No one died, but everyone did in a way. Kendall may or may not have tried to commit suicide but lives. He tells Shiv and Roman that he killed the waiter at the end of Season 1 in the Kennedy-Chappaquidick story. Remember the waiter who drowned? So that’s what’s been plaguing him.

But Kendall’s mental problems are nothing in this episode, one in which the three younger siblings bond over the potential end of their Succession game. Logan is going to sell Waystar/Royco to Alexander Skarsgard’s big tech company, GoJo. Logan doesn’t seem to care that that will be the end for the kids. GoJo will eat the company and throw them out.

What’s interesting here is that the kids do bond and realize their parents care nothing for them or their futures. It’s business. Shiv looks destroyed. Kendall already is. Roman is quipping.

We find out in this episode that Conor is indeed the oldest kid, as we knew. And that Kendall is the oldest of him, Shiv, and Roman. Best moment is when Kendall reveals he let the waiter drown at Shiv’s wedding. Roman replies he knew the service was bad that night, he had to wait three quarters of an hour to get a gin and tonic.

A brilliant end. As I wrote earlier, a cliffhanger of mental anguish. When Roman tells Shiv what’s going on and it registers on her face, Sarah Snook won about 10 Emmy Awards.

Everyone gets awards for this thing. That’s all.

When will see these people again and how? It’s anyone’s guess. But what a ride. Nine hours for Season 3, and they were all insanely good. Also, Nicholas Britell deserves a special award for the score.

Wasn’t this supposed to be a comedy?

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