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“Big Sky” remains the show no one will watch no matter how much ABC invests in it.

The ABC drama, part “Twin Peaks,” part “Lost,” had just 2.4 million viewers on Tbursday night, down 13% from its last outing on November 18th. “Big Sky” was not a big hit last year, but ABC owns it so they keep flogging it hoping someone will watch.

For some reason, the touted star– Ryan Phillippe — was dumped after the first episode. Then they let John Carroll Lynch’s character become a psycho, and they killed him. This season, they revived him but it was too late. If they’d kept Phillippe they might have had a chance. Since he left there are two female leads, and they’re not very compelling.

Season 2 started with just 3.1 million viewers and has gone downhill subsequently. “Big Sky” was beaten soundly on Thursday night by Chris Meloni: “Law & Order” aka “Organized Crime.” Earlier, “Law & Order: SVU” basically tied “Grey’s Anatomy.” Of the two “SVU” is the far better show, moving forward with stories, while “Grey’s” keeps mining its past hoping it will trigger viewer nostalgia.

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