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Good news! Kate McKinnon is returning to “Saturday Night Live” tomorrow night.

McKinnon has not been on the show this entire season because she’s been shooting her “Joe Exotic” series in Australia. But she was seen on the red carpet at the Kennedy Center Honors induction ceremony last week at which Executive producer Lorne Michaels was American knighted.

With McKinnon away, Cecily Strong has really had a chance to be showcased. She’s always been a little under McKinnon’s shadow. But she’s totally stepped up and showed off her star power. Her Judge Jeanine Pirro sketches are classic. And Strong is a strong musical performer, too. This month, outside of the show, Strong takes on Lily Tomlin’s one woman show “The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life” at the Shed in Hudson Yards.

Billie Eilish hosts tomorrow night’s show and is the musical guest. I’m sure brother Finneas will be nearby. Sounds good.

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