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Adele remains at number 1 today for the third week in a row with her “30” album.

“30” sold another 187,000 copies, most of which were from CDs sold and paid downloads. Only 44,000 streaming equivalent copies are included.

The album dropped 34% from its second week. The hold is good as we head into the holiday season. “30” is likely a good stocking stuffer.

Prognosis is strong because on the current release schedule there are no big new albums coming from recording artists who are stars. Adele has a clear shot right now through February unless someone surprise drops a new album. Beyonce, are you listening?

Meantime, tickets for Adele’s Las Vegas concerts are selling for as much as $40,000. And Adele is promoting her boyfriend’s line of plain white sneakers on Instagram. They’re made by New Balance, which is sort of anti-hip. But good for the actual hips!

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