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Tickets to Adele‘s residency sit down at Caesar’s Palace went on sale today at Ticketmaster.

Needless to say, they sold out in minutes as scalpers using robots scooped them up and immediately put them on the resale market.

On Stub Hub, tickets are going for up to $40,000 per seat to sit in the front section. Whose fault is this? Ticketmaster, for one. Adele’s management for another. By setting no limits and participating in Ticketmaster’s “valued customer” programs they made it impossible for average fans to buy tickets. The result is a monumental scam.

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So much for Adele, singer for the people. She went from Chasing Pavements to paving over the fans.

On Twitter and other social media there is outrage and disappointment. But you can see the ticket prices in these screen shots. In the second shot below, those are the starting prices. In the shot above, those are for the best seats in the house.

I feel bad about how Adele’s career has turned out. She was a remarkable singer with a refreshing personality. She had the potential to really develop into an artist. Instead she’s become a money machine. The super fans are only catching up to this today. They must understand there are kickbacks all through this system. Adele is not going to go without a taste of this money. In no time she’ll be living like Elvis Presley in Vegas. It’s some racket.

Here’s a sample of fan reaction from Twitter:

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