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Sunday night ratings were all about football, football, football. NBC brought in over 17 million viewers and Fox had 13 million-plus.

If you weren’t watching football on Sunday night it’s likely you were tuned in to cable to see “Yellowstone” on the Paramount Channel. This is not the same thing as Paramount Plus. It’s a cable channel. I don’t even know where it is! But someone does, because 7.2 million people watched Kevin Costner saddle up on Sunday night.

“Yellowstone” is so popular that it was the most-watched non-sports or news show on TV or cable on Sunday night.

It’s so popular that no one watches anything else. On HBO, “Succession” leveled off to 613,000 viewers at 9pm. At 10:30, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” came in at 423,000. In between, also at 9pm, the “Dexter” revival on Showtime had 549,000. Those are about average for scripted dramas on HBO and Showtime for Sundays at that hour.

PS The “Succession” season finale airs this Sunday at 9pm, and something bad is going to happen to someone, possibly J Smith-Cameron’s Geri. I hope not. But J indicated as much in an interview last week.

HBO Max, not HBO, starts with the new “Sex and the City” Thursday. Since HBO Max doesn’t give numbers, we won’t know if the show is a hit except from viewer reactions.

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