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Fame is fleeting and 2021 is a lot different than 2015.

Adele is learning this the hard way. Just a few weeks after her single, “Easy On Me,” stormed the charts and took hold at number 1, the party is over. “Easy on Me” has been replaced by a song from another one name singer. And a total unknown.

Now number 1 has gone to a record by a singer named Gayle. The single is called “abcdefu” and just from the title sounds like a song Adele should have sung. But she chose to make a whole album with the same songwriters she used six years ago.

So far Gayle is number 1 on iTunes, which is in real time. On Billboard, Adele is still number 1 but having a tough time on the Billboard Hot 100. While “Easy on Me” remains at the top of Billboard’s chart, all the other tracks from Adele’s new “30” album are collapsing. “Oh My God” is the highest, at 37, with an arrow pointing down. It’s the same for two others. This means there’s no follow up single for “Easy On Me” as it’s replaced by Gayle and whoever comes next.

“abcdefu” was co-written by Gayle, for whom there is little info currently, with Sara Davis and David Pittenger, and produced by Pete Nappi. (Thanks Wikipedia.) PS UPDATE: She’s 17, from Nashville, and a discovery of the great Pete Ganbarg of Atlantic Records and Kara DioGuardi. Congrats!

Adele isn’t suffering from the chart loss. Tickets to her Las Vegas sit down go on sale today and will be gutted in short order. Then the secondary market will take over and we’ll be hearing stories of $1000 tickets. Hello!

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