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The Beatles are getting a lot of attention for their “Get Back” series.

Adele is everywhere.

Tony Bennett is 95 and doing a victory lap with Lady Gaga, and she’s got a hit movie.

But the real star of 2021 on the pop charts is none other than Elton John. Yes, Elton John, who is 74 years old, has a bad hip, and is trying to finish his farewell tour. Elton John is bigger than ever, friends. And I couldn’t be more excited.

Currently, Sir Elton has not one but two hits in the iTunes top 5. At number 2 he has his Dua Lipa remix called “Cold Heart,” which combines bits of four old Elton/Bernie Taupin songs and makes a new record that everyone loves. “Cold Heart” is like a Best of Elton John in one single, with Dua Lipa as value added. The record Cuisinarts Elton’s 1989 ballad “Sacrifice,” the 1972 hit “Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going to Be a Long, Long Time),” 1983’s “Kiss the Bride” and 1976’s “Where’s the Shoorah?”

“Cold Heart” is a monster hit. On Spotify, the remix has had over 340 million plays, for example.

And then at number 4 Elton has his new holiday single, “Merry Christmas,” with Ed Sheeran. That one is just taking off. And of course since it is holiday season, Sir E’s original Christmas classic, “Step Into Christmas,” is back on all radio stations.

It’s nice to be king! You see, The Yellow Brick Road never ends. Bravo, Reg Dwight. The real music legends never go away.

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