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There’s a lot going on on Broadway.

“Wicked,” the long running hit musical, has been hit with COVID. First they cancelled yesterday’s shows (Saturday), now today’s performances are not happening. The show says they’ll be back on Tuesday. No word on who at the show tested positive, or how many, cast or crew.

I’m actually surprised more shows aren’t having COVID issues. Putting Broadway productions on right now is very tricky, and everyone is doing their best to avoid trouble. But the shows must go on for the sake of the Broadway economy.

Meanwhile, good news from “MJ The Michael Jackson Musical.” The dress rehearsal Saturday night, I’m told, was such a success that there were THREE standing ovations during the show. First preview is this week, and the opening is in February. Everyone is hoping for a success here, and it’s looking good so far, I will try and sneak in this month and take an early look.


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