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Netflix is very high on “The Power of the Dog,” and a bunch of other movies they hope will get awards season attention.

But last night they had an actual premiere for a Sandra Bullock movie they’ve quietly dumped into the ocean of movie mistakes.

“The Unforgivable” is apparently just that, unforgivable for being made. Rotten Tomatoes has it at a lowly 35%. And that’s among critics who’ve seen it. Not many have or will until it crawls onto the Netflix platform December 10th.

According to reports, “The Unforgivable” was delivered into movie theaters on November 24th. But no one knows where, or when, and it doesn’t seem to be there now.

How did our Sandy get into this mess? (Not to mention Oscar winner Viola Davis?) “The Unforgivable” is a first time US film for German director Nora Fingscheidt. It’s based on a failed TV series from British phenom Sally Wainwright, who went on to write one of my favorite UK series, “Last Tango in Halifax.” But this thing looks pretty grim, and not how anyone wants to see Our Miss Bullock.

These things happen I guess.



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