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Adele continued to sell a lot of copies of her “30” for a second week in a row.

She finished week 2 down 66% from her first week but still managed to fob off 285K albums approximately. That should put her total for “30” at around 1.1 million. It’s way off from her “25” album six years ago, but these days she’s rolling in the dough.

Two thirds of Adele’s sales come from CDs, downloads, and LPs. Her streaming is minor. Fans want to own her product, have it in their homes so they can swoon while drinking white wine and little chocolates. According to hitsdailydouble, her first week of streaming revenue probably was around $1 million or a tad less. The big hits are “Easy On Me” and “Oh My God.”

In 2015, Adele’s second week of sales would have brought her to around 5 million copies sold. Well, nothing is like it used to be, is it?

In a few weeks– late January– Adele will have her first “sit down” at Caesar’s Palace, where she will play two shows per weekend through April, not a heavy schedule. That’s where she’ll hit a gold mine. If want to see her, you’ll have to go to her.  In the past, big pop stars would wait til their late 40s or 50s before surrendering to Vegas. But Adele, 33, is an old soul apparently. She’s not chugging around the US, no effin’ way.

PS with that Caesar’s schedule expect to see Adele on the Grammy Awards on CBS Monday, January 31st. I’m told it’s part of her deal with CBS starting with the Oprah interview special.


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