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The Peter Jackson doc mini series, “Get Back,” is a hit.

How do we know? The Disney Plus offering has send five Beatles albums onto the iTunes top 100.

The newly revived “Let it Be” double album set is the highest, at number 41. That’s followed closely by the Beatles “1” album, the Greatest Hits blue album, the White Album, and of course, Abbey Road.

What fans really need is the new “Let it Be” box set because that’s where you get the Glyn Johns mix CD from 1970. If you’re watching the mini-series you’re seeing a very young Johns — whom John Lennon affectionately calls “Glynis” — really guiding the group through the whole “Get Back” saga.

All the Beatles’ CDs are selling like crazy on amazon. The Super Deluxe “Let it Be” is number 55. “Abbey Road” is number 3. “Revolver” and “Rubber Soul” are also in the top 100. Just below is “Sgt. Pepper,” the greatest album of all time. If you’re trying to catch up, check out the Beatles Mono box set, and also individual US albums of “Beatles 65” and “Hey Jude– The Beatles Again.”

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