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What will make the January 30th Grammys show a hit? One word: Adele. At least, if Adele and Taylor Swift perform, and they will, the rating should be healthy.
They weren’t healthy for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show on HBO Saturday night. A total of 518,000 people watched. Of that 100,000 were in the key age demo 18 to 49. It’s no surprise. The RRHOF is for older people. When you have legends like Tina Turner, Carole King et al and Paul McCartney leading the finale, of course the viewership would skew older.

On Sunday night, the American Music Awards, the B list Grammys, had about 4 million viewers. That’s the same as last year which was an all time low for the AMAs. It’s cheesy show, so this also nothing new. And no big artists performed because they save it for the Grammys. But on the plus side, at least the ratings didn’t drop any lower!

On Sunday the big hit again was “Yellowstone” on cable’s Paramount Network, with 7.4 million viewers. If Viacom would allow CBS to have to have a “Yellowstone” special of some kind on the main network, then a parade would go up West 57th St. “Yellowstone” itself on CBS would be getting 12 million viewers a week.

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