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Steve Burton is out at “General Hospital.” He says he was fired by Disney ABC for not taking the vaccine. The company has a vaccine mandate for all employees regardless of star status, etc. Burton says in an Instagram video he applied for different exemptions and was rejected, properly. Burton has already been removed from the show’s opening credits.

Burton has been on and off the soap since 1990 playing Jason Morgan Quartermaine. He’s the second actor to be let go from the show for going against the Disney ABC vax mandate. The other was right winger Ingo Rademacher.

What is wrong with these people? I don’t get it. The vaccine is totally safe and can only prevent COVID. Burton has already had COVID, which isn’t to say that he can’t get it again without the vaccine. According to Burton today or tomorrow will be his last day on the show. He hopes to return one day. But in the meantime, the word is ABC is recasting the role if they haven’t already.

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