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“General Hospital” fans will bid goodbye today to actor Ingo Rademacher. He’s not dead. But he’s leaving because he refused to accept the Disney-ABC vaccine mandate. Rademacher has been with the show for the better part of 26 years.

Losing his paycheck and employment status hasn’t chastened Rademacher. He has continued to post inflammatory and incorrect information about the vaccine on his Instagram and social media accounts. Last week he posted a video from crazy Fox News conspiracy theorist. Today he has one from nutty California right winger Tulsi Gabbard.

It’s fairly unlikely that Rademacher will check back into “General Hospital” any time soon. And the three other soaps would be wary of bringing in an actor who won’t get vaccinated. I can’t imagine their casts and crews being excited about that possibility.

Unless the actor gets a new soap role, this will be our goodbye to him on this site.

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