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After all that publicity, the Oprah TV show, therapy sessions, pants suits, her kid talking in the middle of a song, all of it, guess what? Adele’s “30” did not break any records yesterday. The album came in sixth among all time global debuts on Spotify for female singers. The “30” album had 60 million streams. A week earlier, Taylor Swift’s re-recorded “Red” album had 90 million. Indeed, Taylor holds the top 3 spots (see below).

What does this mean? Nothing, really. Who knows? In the overall picture, Adele’s numbers could start rising. And her CD and LP sales are unknown as of yet, although they will be BIG. We’ll get a sense of how “30” is really doing on Monday after everyone has calmed down and the music press’s spells have worn off.

What’s next for Adele? I’d like to see her with Dr. Phil. And then Dr. Oz. And then Dr. Seuss.

Biggest female album debuts in Global Spotify History:

1. Red (Taylor’s Version) — 90.6M Taylor Swift

2. folklore — 80.6M Taylor Swift

3. thank u, next — 70.2M Ariana Grande

4. evermore — 67M Taylor Swift

5. SOUR — 64M Olivia Rodrigo

6. 30 – 60.7M [NEW] Adele

7. Positions — 59M Ariana Grande

8. Lover —55M Taylor Swift

9. Fearless TV — 50.8M Taylor Swift

10. Chromatica — 48.3M Lady Gaga



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