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Taylor Swift’s revenge on Scooter Braun, Scott Borchetta, and Shamrock Holdings is complete. She sold 596,000 copies of her re-recorded “Red” album called “Red (Taylor’s Version)” this week.

“Red” 2.0 is the second highest debut album of the year, behind Drake. It was propelled by a lot of things including Swift’s appearance on “Saturday Night Live.”

When the original “Red” debuted in 2012, it sold 1.2 million copies in its first week. But that was before streaming and Spotify and electric powered cars existed. Selling half as many copies nearly a decade later of the same album is pretty extraordinary.

All of Swift’s other albums were lifted onto the charts this week as well. Those totaled up to around 75,000 more copies of the catalog, and most of those were sales from Taylor’s post-Borchetta break up. So the new owners of Swift’s masters reaped little. I can’t imagine those Shamrock people are too thrilled with Braun and Borchetta. For $300 million, they got bupkis.

In other news, hitsdailydouble reports that Adele earned $119,914 in streaming revenue from “Easy On Me” last week. That will pay for two pairs of haute couture pants suits plus a therapy session in Beverly Hills.

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