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EXCLUSIVE Paul McCartney is literally printing money right now.

On Tuesday, November 2, his two volume “The Lyrics” was released. When NPD BookScan counted the sales, “The Lyrics” had sold 36,950 copies for the weekend ending November 6th.

That’s $3,695,000 just in the US in four days.

“The Lyrics” is number 1 this week on the New York Times non fiction hardcover bestseller list, and the combined hardcover and e book sales.

At NPD BookScan, “The Lyrics” is currently number 8 on the overall bestseller list, and number 3 on hardcover non fiction.

It’s quite possible “The Lyrics” has sold 100,000 copies in the US since November 2nd, which would be the equivalent of 200,000 books. We’ll know more on Friday.

Beatles and McCartney fans are scooping up the two volume set mostly at $100.000. (It was briefly discounted by Amazon to $60.) Any why not? This is now the permanent record, the last word so to speak by McCartney on 154 songs. Some of them are tossaways, but least 125 are of major interest. In the volumes he names “Here, There and Everywhere” as the favorite of all the songs he’s composed.

Well, Lennon-McCartney, McCartney-Lennon, McCartney on his own or with anyone else is an extraordinary catalog, the Bach or Beethoven of our lifetime. I hope next year he offers a Volume 3 with songs he left out. But for now, this should keep everyone busy.

(PS If only Adele had tried one of those songs!!

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