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We thought Netflix was just not nice to the press. Turns out fans who signed for up tickets are treated just as badly at their events.

Many fans who acquired tickets through the company 1iota to the premiere of Netflix’s “Tick Tick Boom” are pretty angry and disappointed.

Writing on Twitter, they say well over 100 fans who had tickets to the premiere at the Schoenfeld Theater were turned away after being held on line for over two hours.

One fan, writing under the Twiiter account @rachrach, recalled:

“Finally on my way home after spending my whole night on line, freezing cold just to be told there were no more tickets. I would have loved to go to the other theatre but I couldn’t feel my feet or hands. #thanksalot…”    They added: “The whole experience was very cold. There were people screaming at us in the beginning for our id’s and forms out then they disappeared and we were left waiting for over 2 hours with no information. It could’ve been handled in a much better way.”
@Rachrach wasn’t alone. Another Twitter account @oncerSM wrote:

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