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Mel Gibson says he’s directing “Lethal Weapon 5.” Oh yeah?

Gibson says as reported in the Hollywood Reporter that he will direct, and that Richard Wenk, who wrote “The Equalizer,” came up with the script.

Danny Glover has represented himself as a principled person his whole career. I’ll be curious to see if he’ll be part of a movie made by a avowed Holocaust denier, an anti-Semite, and racist. Now we’ll see if Hollywood really is all about the money.

Lauren Shuler Donner is producing because her late, beloved husband, Richard Donner, has the rights to the series. Even though Donner was Jewish, he continued to stand behind Gibson despite heavy criticism. Gibson says before Donner died he told him he was working on a screenplay. Great. Hire some other actors, please. No self-respecting person is going to see Mel Gibson in “Lethal Weapon 5.”

There’s no word in the THR story if Warner Bros. is attached to this very bad idea. They released the other ones and must have the rights also. I can’t see Toby Emmerich or anyone else there supporting this plan. It will, as my friend DA Pennebaker used to say, end in tears.

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