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Taylor Swift just sang a 10 minute song on “Saturday Night Live.” It was wonderful and set a record for longest single performance in the history of the show.

Taylor sang her updated version of “All Too Well,” and it was theatrical, triumphant, and a little off key. But that’s okay. She pulled it off.

“All Too Well” is from the her new Red (Taylor’s Version) album, the re-recorded version of her 2012 album. It’s all about breaking up with actor Jake Gyllenhaal when she was young. She’s never forgiven him for it, which is too bad.

Taylor directed a video that goes with the song, and in the credits she lists the actor playing the boyfriend as “Jake Lyon.” Get it– Jake, lyin’. Will this be the end? Or will Taylor give all her ex boyfriends 10 minute songs?

Anyway, wait for “All Too Well” hits the top of iTunes around 1:30am. Swift currently has five of the top 10 albums on iTunes.

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