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Adele has put up a preview of her new song, “Hold On,” from her CBS special airing tomorrow night at 8:30pm.

Television may break tomorrow night with Adele at 8:30, “Succession” at 9pm, “Yellowstone” at 8pm, and NFL football going on at the same time!

“Hold On” sounds like a big anthem-y hit with a choir. Adele in the clip looks terrific and sings her heart out! Her voice is always an unqualified hit. The songs, I think, on “30” are all going to be along the lines of “I Will Survive,” “I Did Survive,” and “I Almost Didn’t Survive.” Am I f–ckin’ right?

“Hold On” is written by Dean Cover, aka Inflo, with Adele helping out. She doesn’t mention him so far in the articles coming out today about the song. The names of the songwriters are unimportant, you see. And they’ve split the publishing with the singer.

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