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Bruce Willis is second billed to “Desperate Housewives” and “Yellowstone” actor Neil McDonough in another D movie that’s gone straight to video. “Apex Predator” looks as bad and forgettable as it could be. Willis is barely in it, and hardly speaks, which is the way all of his releases work these days. You’d never know that he was once a movie star.

(Funny side note: they can’t decide if the movie is called “Apex” or “Apex Predator.” I think they added “Predator” when they realized no one who would watch it would know what “Apex” meant.)

It was only three weeks ago that another one of these horror films was released to video, that one with Patrick Muldoon. As usual, this one is executive produced by Stephen J. Eads with a long list of investors billed as “producers” including infamously bad actor Johnny Messner.

First, “Apex Predator” will play on AMC’s little known streaming service, then be available on DVD for anyone who still uses a player. In foreign speaking countries, clueless customers will watch it and think this is “Die Hard 73.”

What’s happened with Willis is cruel. You can’t imagine that if he were in possession of his faculties he would agree to see his career legacy destroyed. Someone in his family must be able to talk to him and explain what’s going on. This borders on senior abuse.

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