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You can’t make this up. Justin Bieber is endorsing flavored donut holes at Canadian coffee shop chain, Tim Horton’s.

Think Dunkin’ Donuts. And Dunkin’ Munchkins. Same idea. Except they’re called Timbits. Or Timbiebs.

Justin, no Mensa candidate, is seen in the video below enthusiastically picking the flavors that best represent him.

What comes to mind is that there’s been no touring income for two years. And Justin’s albums haven’t sold especially well. His biggest hit this year was “Peaches,” which featured other singers, so his cut of the profits wasn’t so high. Another hit was with Kid Laroi. So Bieber may need money.

And this is what it’s come to. I’d love to see the books on his account over at Scooter Braun’s. Things must be pretty bad if they’ve stooped this low.

This is sad.

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