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Mariah Carey has made a deal with McDonald’s. They’re offering some kind of Mariah Carey Happy Meal for Christmas tied to her annual “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

Mariah would not eat fast food, let alone McDonald’s, if you paid her. But I guess she will now since McDonald’s is paying her.

Years ago there was big all star concert in Hyde Park, London called Live 8. July 2005. I wrote:

Here’s the thing about Mariah: She is a diva, and she doesn’t even know it. While I sat with her, she sent back her spaghetti-and-meat-sauce dinner three times — because it had cheese on it.

It’s not like she’s allergic to cheese, either. It’s that she could smell that the grated parmesan came from a jar and wasn’t fresh. (“It’s a thing I’ve had since fourth grade,” she said.) It was kind of hilarious.

What I remember is a production assistant walking into this little mobile structure where Mariah was holding court. Snoop Dogg had walked in with a gold chain around his neck ornamented by a small pistol. The P.A. was a woman with a headset. She carried in a round aluminum take out container, covered in foil, and said, “Hi, this is your dinner. It’s spaghetti and meatballs.”

Mariah said, “Is that cheese I smell?”

PA: “Yes.”

“Is it from a can? I won’t eat it. I only eat fresh grated parmesan.”

The PA was gobsmacked, as she was delivering food to a lot of celebrities. Everyone else in the tents, including Paul McCartney, Bill Gates, and Sting, was eating the food they were getting. But Mariah refused, and yes, they went back and forth three times on this cheesy subject.

So Mariah eating a Happy  Meal from McDonald’s? Uh, no. Not possible. (And PS I don’t blame her, it’s disgusting.)

All she wants for Christmas is a private chef, kids.


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