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We have Linda B. Rosenthal of the New York State Assembly to thank for a major development. She’s had the annoying and much vandalized Adopt a Highway sign with Donald Trump’s name on it removed from the 79th St. exit on the West Side Highway.

Rosenthal wrote to Henry Gutman, of the Department of Transportation, last July asking for the removal. She wrote, “Donald Trump’s presidency is a stain on our history.” Implicit in this is that New Yorkers, particularly on the Upper West Side, hate Trump. They had his name taken off their buildings.

Gutman wrote back this week that the contract between Trump Org and the city has expired, and the sign has been removed. The whole UWS can breathe a sigh of relief. And there will be no more back ups on the exit of drivers flipping the bird at the sign.

I say, Linda B. Rosenthal deserves a parade. Now, maybe she can bring back parking!

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