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Jeff Bezos, one of the world’s very richest men, didn’t like it when Leonardo DiCaprio hit it off with his girlfriend.

Bezos introduced Lauren Sanchez, the woman he broke up his marriage for, to DiCaprio at a gala for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. So Bezos has posted to Instagram a picture of him all pumped leaning over a sign that reads Danger! Steep Cliff Fatal Drop. Uh huh.

Leo, meantime, looks like his tux jacket shrunk in the wash. Better talk to his dry cleaner or valet.

Sanchez is much too old anyway at age 51. And frankly, she and Leo likely know each other since she was married to WME partner Patrick Whitesell. They all moved in the same circles. Still, Bezos is a laugh a minute.

Some Leo news: his dad, George DiCaprio, makes a cameo in Paul Thomas Anderson’s new movie, “Licorice Pizza.” He plays the owner of a 1970s waterbed store. He looks perfect for the part. Congrats to George!

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