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Friday’s box office showed a slowdown over all in the march toward oblivion.

Marvel’s “Eternals” took in around $21 million plus that $9.5 mil from Thursday previews. Now $70 million for the weekend seems a little high, so we’ll aim lower with $65 mil and be happily surprised if it turns out higher.

“Dune” moves like a sand snail toward $85 million this weekend, probably not quite getting there by Monday. And maybe people who watched it at home are coming to theaters to see what it really looks like. They’ll be pleasantly surprised.

“The French Dispatch” went wider this weekend, to 1,205 theaters. It still hasn’t cracked a $1 million night. Maybe tonight, who knows. Monday through Thursday showed successive declines when it was at 788 theaters. It seems like each time they go wide, the first night is big (people in new cities coming to try it out), then the declines.

“Last Night in Soho” is another quality film with slow demand. Some people hated it, some (like me) loved it. Edgar Wright’s smart horror film is playing, literally, everywhere. Give it a shot.


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