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Fans of Adele’s original hit, “Chasing Pavements,” will be disappointed when her CBS special airs on November 14th. “Adele One Night Only” features only 10 songs spread over 2 hours, and not that one, I’m afraid.

Instead, the special will focus on her new album, “30,” which will be released six days later. Other songs from “30” will be “I Drink Wine,” “Hold On,” and “Love is a Game.”

Adele will sing past hits “Hello,” “when We Were Young,” “Rolling in the Deep,” and “Someone Like You.” She also performs her Bob Dylan cover, “Make You Feel My Love.” Adele will also sing her James Bond theme for “Skyfall,” the last good Bond song.

There will also be a lot of gabbing with Oprah Winfrey, who will call her the best singer of all time. They will walk through gardens, and Adele will use the F word a lot sounding like Eliza Doolittle before Henry Higgins got to know her. Oprah will ask Adele who her interior designer is, and Adele will say, “Oh, darlin’, I did it all me-self! I don’t need no f—in designer! We just went to f—- Tar-jay!”

Oprah will then hand her one of her favorite gift items of the season, a five thousand dollar throw pillow.


“Easy On Me”
“I Drink Wine”
“Someone Like You”
“When We Were Young”
“Make you Feel My Love”
“Hold On”
“Rolling In The Deep”
“Love Is A Game”

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