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The numbers are in for the week.

Ed Sheeran’s “Equals” debuts at number 1 today, but sales are 30% lower than  than his last release.

“Equals” came in at 123,000 copies sold, vs. “No. 6 Collaborations” project from July 2019 which sold 173,000 copies the week it came out. The latter album had a lot of guest stars, the new one is all Ed.

Sheeran is the musical guest this weekend on “Saturday Night Live,” after recovering from COVID. He’ll only get this week at number 1, as Taylor Swift and then Adele are coming for the charts.

Meantime, Adele has returned to number 1  on the singles chart after a brief detour thanks to the gaming of the iTunes chart by “Let’s Go, Brandon” fans. That ship has now sailed.

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