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Mariah Carey is sticking to her guns.

She’s made no changes to the paperback edition of her memoir, published a year ago in hardcover. That is despite lawsuits from her sister and her brother last summer.

“The Meaning of Mariah Carey” is out now in paper back.

Carey’s brother, Morgan, sued her over a story in the book about the police coming to break up a fight between him and their father, Alfred, when they were kids.

“Her attempt to falsely characterize plaintiff as equally violent as their father, and her subsequent commentary on police relations with Black people was only the beginning of defendant Mariah Carey’s desperate attempt to vilify plaintiff, play the victim card and curry favor with the Black Lives Matter movement,” read Morgan’s complaint.

Mariah’s sister had already sued her, claiming emotional distress after reading about herself. Allison described Mariah as “heartless, vicious [and] vindictive,” after Mariah discussed her sister’s alcoholism and other struggles.

There’s been nary a peep out of either sibling since they filed, and my guess is these suits have gone away or been settled to their satisfaction.

IN any case, Mariah’s truth is her own, it was her childhood, and she gets to tell it. Of course, the rest of the book is full of her own version of her truth, too, which doesn’t jibe with how her career began, or who helped her, or who wrote her songs, and so on. That part can be titled “Fantasy” after the song Mariah cobbled together for a hit. Also, it’s been a couple of months now since Jerry Blair, her label partner and radio promoter, died of COVID and she still hasn’t said a word. But that’s another story.

A little fact, a little fiction.  “The Meaning of Mariah Carey” is a hybrid! Out now.

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