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The World Series scored a home run Sunday night. Game 5 between the Braves and the Astros scored 13.6 million fans for Fox. We thought the Braves might take the Series Sunday night. They didn’t, which is why we’re back tonight for more.

But the Series caused HBO to strike out in the ratings. Both of their Sunday hit series, “Succession” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” suffered as a result.

“Succession” was off by 22% from the previous week. “Curb” was down by almost 16% in total viewers.

I’d say Halloween was involved, but I doubt anyone was trick or treating after 9pm. If they were, it wasn’t with children.

It’s possible delayed viewing will add numbers. I think a lot of fans, especially of “Succession,” will realize they missed a key episode and go find it on On Demand.

As for “Curb,” so far I’m hearing a little disappointment from fans about this season’s direction. We’ll wait and see what happens next week.


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