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Beatlemania is real!

Paul McCartney’s two volume set of “The Lyrics” was released today officially and went straight to the top 10 on amazon.

“The Lyrics” has a $100 price tag, but it’s done so well on amazon that they’ve discounted it to 60 bucks. This is beyond a bargain because it was worth the 100 clams.

I’ve already told you several stories from “The Lyrics,” including McCartney citing “Here, There, and Everywhere” as the favorite of all his songs.

In “The Lyrics,” McCartney talks about 154 of his songs. One song I always loved was called “Dear Friend.” It was part of the Wings “Wild Life” album, his third post-Beatles release and his first with that new group’s name. “Dear Friend” is a sad song, a response to the ongoing split between Lennon and McCartney.

McCartney observes that even though the Beatles were in the throes of a painful “divorce,” he went into the studio to help Lennon record “The Ballad of John and Yoko.”

“In the end, I think playing on that session with him and Yoko contributed to our having quite a few friendly meetings and conversations later.”

Paul says “Dear Friend” may have also helped, too. “I would imagine he heard it,” he writes. “I was very glad of how we got along in those last few years, and that I had some really good times with him before he was murdered. Without question it would have been the worst thing for me, had he been killed when we still had a bad relationship. I would’ve thought, ‘Oh I should’ve, I should’ve, I should’ve…’It would have been a big guilt trip for me. But luckily our last meeting was very friendly. We talked about how to bake bread.”


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