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Adele has released a tracklist for new album, “30.”

There are no duets– though fans kept speculating– but Adele does the only singing on the album. There is, however, a bonus track with Chris Stapleton, of all people. Go figure. She’s trying to reach the country market, obviously. It’s a duet on her current hit, “Easy On Me.”

The real surprise is a credited performance by late great jazz pianist Erroll Garner. It’s on a track called “All Night Parking (Interlude) featuring Garner. Now, that should be interesting.

She does have a song called “I Drink Wine,” which could be humorous. Watch the third and fourth tracks for singles. “Cry Your Heart Out” does not sound like much fun, just more hankies. And “Oh My God” may be something we’re hearing all year.

Update: “To Be Loved” is not the famous song. It’s one cooked up Adele’s writers.

One big question will be about the song listed here, “To Be Loved.” Jackie Wilson, of course, had such a famous song that Berry Gordy wrote. If Adele has covered it, it will be on my playlists forever.

01 “Strangers By Nature”
02 “Easy On Me”
03 “Cry Your Heart Out”
04 “Oh My God”
06 “Can I Get It”
07 “I Drink Wine”
08 “All Night Parking (Interlude)” (With Erroll Garner)
09 “Woman Like Me”
10 “Hold On”
11 “To Be Loved”
12 “Love Is A Game”
13 “Wild Wild West” (Bonus Track)
14 “Can’t Be Together” (Bonus Track)
15 “Easy On Me” (With Chris Stapleton) (Bonus Track)

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