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Olivia Munn is in New York for the premiere of her movie, “Violet,” but she didn’t appear in studio last night on Seth Meyers’ talk show. Instead, she Zoomed in, and didn’t mention the elephant in the room. Or she kinda did.

Munn talked a lot about the impending birth of her child but not about its father, John Mulaney, who is also Meyers’ close friend. Mulaney announced the birth not too long ago on Meyers’ show. But Mulaney’s name only comes up as “John” in reference to his height in an anecdote Munn related about a family friend guessing her baby’s height.

Hmmm…Rumours abound that Mulaney and Munn have broken up after their whirlwind affair, Mulaney’s drug rehab, his divorce, and his subsequent comedy tour in which he discusses his intervention and rehab. Neither Munn or Mulaney have addressed the possible rehab, and Mulaney is about to start another leg of his tour tomorrow night in San Diego.

A strange night on Seth Meyers. It demands A Closer Look, by someone. Like Amber Ruffin. Now that would have been funny!

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