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iTunes is being gamed, as it happens, by people “stuffing the ballot box.”

An idiotic novelty song by very low-minded people who don’t believe the pandemic exists and are anti-Joe Biden is at the top of the iTunes T0p 100. It’s leapt over Adele’s “Easy On Me” out of the blue.

But the reality is this: “Let’s Go Brandon” (code for “f— Biden”) has sold just 37,800 copies so far this week. The good news for singer Bryson Gray is that it’s all downloading, no streaming. No one is streaming this record. (Do Trumpers subscribe to streaming services? I guess not.)

Meantime, “Easy on Me” has already sold over 180,000 copies this week. The total so far is almost at 700,000. The bulk of the sales are streaming, although 17,500 are from downloads.

“Easy On Me” has around 121 million views on YouTube. Loza Alexander’s original stupid version of “Brandon” has around 3 million.

Adele will win the week in streaming. Bryson Gray will soon return to oblivion. Why anyone would spend money on the latter junk is beyond me. The pandemic is real, it’s killed over 300,000 Americans. Get vaxxed, don’t be an idiot. I just don’t understand how people who’ve had COVID or lost loved ones to it are too stupid to get this. You would lose a job and livelihood rather than get a safe shot?

Ironically, the people the government is probably tracking are the ones who refuse the jab, not the ones who got it!

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